What platforms does Chirp support?

Our technology is currently available as a suite of cross-platform, interoperable SDKs including iOS, Mac OS, Android, Windows UWP, JavaScript, Web Browsers, Android TV, Python, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Linux and now with Xamarin and Cordova wrappers. Our technology is also available for a wide range of embedded platforms, including the ARM MX range of MCUs.

Chirp have also developed the Chirp Alexa Toolkit to enable the sending of data over sound using Alexa to any audio-capable, nearby devices that share the same physical space but might not be known on the network, logged-in, authenticated, or otherwise affiliated with the Amazon account of the Alexa owner.

We are also able to develop custom SDKs for our partners' and clients' specific requirements where needed.

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    i'm really interested if processing power plays a role here.  for example is it even possible to use say an stm32F4 ST processor for RECEIVE and process chirp data? i understand transmit may be easier.

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