How can I switch to ultrasonic mode?

The Chirp SDK's audio transmission properties are configured by the licence that the SDK is using. By default, two default licences are available within the Chirp Admin Centre: standard, which uses the audible range, and ultrasonic, which broadcasts in the near-ultrasonic range. 

To switch to the ultrasonic licence:

  • Sign in to the Chirp Admin Centre
  • Within Applications, navigate to the Ultrasonic licence > Download.
    The licence file will be downloaded as ultrasonic.lic
  • Modify your Chirp application to use this licence rather than the default.
    How to do this varies between SDKs; please consult the language-specific SDK docs for more information. For most SDKs, you need to open the licence file in a text editor, and copy and paste the contents into the chirp_licence parameter.

Now, restart your application and your Chirp transmissions will immediately begin using the near-ultrasonic range.

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